What's for breakfast at Eichardt's?

10 Mar

What’s for breakfast at Eichardt’s?

A recent addition to our breakfast menu at Eichardt’s, black rice porridge is a surprisingly light and summery dish. Loaded with superfood goodness, the rice is cooked long and slow in coconut milk, along with organic quinoa and chia seeds. Cooked until al dente then chilled overnight to soften and allow the flavours to develop, we serve it with sweet yet zingy roast local peaches and Otago honey yoghurt. It is a nutritious and delicious start to the day.

Huevos Rancheros is a dish that we’ve had on our menu for a while and it’s been consistently popular. A little different to the usual versions, we make and grill the cornmeal tortillas ourselves, top them with runny poached eggs, then smother the lot with our homemade tomato chipotle sauce. The coup de grace, however, is the wild boar chorizo that comes with it. Made on-site using South Island wild boar and lashings of smoked paprika, it rounds off a fiery breakfast that will help subdue any hangover from enjoying a little too much Central Otago Pinot Noir the night before.

– Will Eaglesfield