Eichardt’s Private Hotel: The exclusive hotel offering Kiwis big discounts before tourists return

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    Eichardt’s Private Hotel has one of the best hot tubs in New Zealand.
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    I’ll never be a rock star, but one Queenstown hotel is giving Kiwis the chance to live like one with a series of significant discounts before international tourists return.

    Eichardt’s Private Hotel sits right in the centre of Queenstown’s promenade and is home to one of the most extraordinary penthouses in the world. It has a rooftop hot tub overlooking the mountains and a state-of-the-art touch screen sauna, to name just a few things you’ll find in the room. So, we gave it a test ride. Or should that be, test sleep.

    The place

    The historic hotel started life as a wool shed in the 1860s, before transitioning to a hotel after the gold rush struck. Today, a new type of gold rush continues – you need to have some deep pockets to stay here. But that’s for good reason, after 160 years of experience, the hotel has forged a reputation as one of Queenstown’s top places to stay.

    The hotel has seven suites, and all are exceptional in their own right. However, there is one to rule them all – and you’ll find it on the top floor of the hotel. Welcome to the penthouse.

    The space

    As the door opened, I discovered what it felt like to be a rock star. My eyes were immediately drawn to the enormous deck, overlooking Lake Wakatipu, framed by towering peaks. At the centre of the deck were two glass-lined fireplaces alongside the pièce de résistance: a huge hot tub overlooking the lake. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better hot tub view anywhere in the world.

    As you’d expect with a world-class penthouse, there are too many features to list. But the highlights include a state-of-the-art touchscreen controlled sauna, a kitchen that celebrity chefs would be proud to work in (including high-end Gaggenau appliances and even a plate warmer). To top it all off, the minibar is stocked high with a wide selection of drinks.

    The suite has an enormous leather sofa centred around another glass-lined fire – all controlled by the flick of a switch. Off to the side, you’ll find two exquisite bedrooms, with a wall of pillows piled on a plush bed alongside a walk-in wardrobe the size of a small hotel room. There’s also an opulent two-person bath in each marble bathroom.

    The room is a little like Queenstown’s version of the Star Trek Enterprise. Your bedroom’s TV retreats and extends at the switch of a button; a touchpad controls music and temperature in each room, and there’s even a camera showing you the view from the front desk, if you can’t make it outside. There is also a butler on-hand 24/7.

    The other suites in the hotel are a smaller version of the penthouse, with just as much character and luxury – minus the kitchen, hot tub and sauna.

    The facilities

    The hotel has a luxury spa (in the vault of the old hotel, where gold was once stored) and guests are able to access an off-site gym. I suggest skipping the gym, and instead, exercising the arm by sipping some of the wine in your room waiting for you on arrival.

    The food

    The hotel has two restaurants and a bar on the ground floor. The food was well presented and tasty.

    Each room includes breakfast, which serves favourites like eggs benedict and free-range omelettes, with the elegant flair that you’d expect at Eichardt’s.

    Worth stepping out for

    The hotel is right in the centre of the city, with shopping on your doorstep.

    You’re within walking distance of the gondola, great restaurants, jet boat rides – and less than an hour’s drive from great wineries and Glenorchy.

    The highlight

    The hot tub – it’s the best hot tub view in the country.

    The lowlight

    When relaxing on the deck under the stars we could hear the nearby nightclub. It’s the reality of Queenstown’s nightlife – and its central location – rather than the hotel’s problem.

    The verdict

    Take advantage of the specials – because this might be the last chance to experience one of the country’s top hotels at a discounted price.

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