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See Inside This Penthouse Suite in New Zealand That Costs $10,000 a Night

Situated in the adventure tourism capital city of Queenstown, it comes with panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and a personal chef.

In a country known the world over for its natural splendor, New Zealand’s tourists tend to choose secluded mountain getaways or lakeside retreats over a stay in the adventure capital of the world. For the owner of the Eichardt’s Private Hotel, Andrew Cox, this was a niche that was missing in the local market: a lodging experience with the charm of the New Zealand landscape and the luxury of a metropolitan hotel. As a response, he opened The Penthouse by Eichardt, a $10,000-per-night stay in the heart of Queenstown. “New Zealand’s luxury lodges are typically located in remote locations, whereas the Penthouse gives you high-end lodgelike accommodation and experiences, yet it’s located in our scenic adventure tourism capital,” Cox tells Architectural Digest. With breathtaking, panoramic views of Lake Wakatipu and amenities that surpass usual standards of luxury, The Penthouse at Eichardt’s is the best of both worlds.

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